Best Scrap Business Services Across Karachi, Pakistan

Get the best value of your discarded office stuff. At VJD and Company, we buy all grades of scrap. We can buy your office scrap at good price and help you get a friendly and expert scrap business services to make sure you get the best deal all the time.

Even if you have plastic scrap or furniture to discard, we can help! We offer best prices for office scrap, including outdated office equipment, obsolete furniture, junk metallic articles, waste paper, plastic bottles, salvage automobile to name a few. We buy your stuff and pay you the best price for your scrap. We can buy an extensive range of furniture scrap. We buy office furniture and obsolete home furniture, in bulk or as separate pieces. We recycle the second hand furniture, plastic and scrap in an eco-friendly way.

Don’t worry about moving scrap, let it to us! We use our own trucks, trailers, boxes, and cartons to manage all kind of the transportation of scrap business items, which makes us a reliable and convenient partner to work with. All of our customers stay confident that their scrap material stay properly recycled with the least influence on our environment—making the community a better place to breathe in.

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