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VJD AND COMPANY has ability to provide consistent high quality services at compettitive cost is made possible by our deviation from traditional form of cleaning management where job supervision is overseen by various levels of management.

At VJD AND COMPANY we have pioneered a program whereby our staff monitors your premise toghether with you and gaurantee that your customized cleaning schedule will be followed in an efficient, effective and professional manner. We feel that it is not the quality of supervisor that matters but the quality of supervision that counts.

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Quality Control

At VJD AND COMPANY , our work is a direct reflection on your image. The management of your company had worked very hard and spent a big amount of money to create the "look and feel" of your company environment. We know that your company's trust on our cleaning company to enhance and preserve its appearance and ambience. We also know our future success depends on your consistent satisfaction.

At VJD AND COMPANY we are focused on the job in hand and we would like to do it with satisfaction. Based on our experience in the cleaning industry we know that quality control is the key element to customer satisfaction.. Since there is a drastic realization among organizations and companies towards environment, we at VJD AND COMPANY have long recognized the importance of quality of the service that we provide must be in line with the requirement of ISO and other cleaning concept.

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